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Access to good lesson media is an essential part of an inspiring and productive lesson plan.
My new and growing lesson library provides clear, road tested material and perfectly compliments any lesson regimen to get the most out of your playing time.
You can sign up for a Monthly, 3-month, or Annual plan AND choose from one of 4 payment tiers

- Just dipping your toe and not sure what to make of it yet? Tier 1 is for you

- Already digging what I do AND want to help out a bit more? Tiers 2, 3, & 4 allow and encourage me to make more lessons

Any plan you choose, you can trust I'll appreciate your subscription and aim to create the lessons you're looking for!

Tier   Monthly 3 Months Annually
1   $5 USD $12 USD $30 USD
2   $10 USD $24 USD $60 USD
3   $15 USD $36 USD $90 USD
4 $20 USD $48 USD $120 USD
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