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Rhythm: Strumming and Picking Topics
Meter and Counting Folk Fingerstyle "Go-To" Pattern  
The foundation of all our rhythms A real common pattern that works with most 4/4 songs  
4/4, 3/4, and 6/8 Time Signatures Folk Fingerstyle "Pinch" Pattern  
Working in these most common times Another common pattern....for all the other 4/4 songs:)  
Straight vs Swing Bluegrass Fingerstyle Rhythm  
The plant and animal kingdoms of rhythm If the song is just TOO fast to pluck single notes  
The "Easy" and the "Go-To" Strum Folk Fingerstyle Melody  
4/4 patterns that work with tons of songs Start adding intros and solos to your fingerstyle tunes  
Strumming in 3/4 and 6/8 Folk Fingerstyle Melody Syncopation  
Negotiating triple meter strums Syncopation puts the spring in a melody's step  
Bass/Chord Country Strum Tablature Tips  
How to make a song sound flat-out country Plowing through note by note is one way....here's another  
Arpeggio Patterns PIMA Fingerstyle Arpeggios  
Mellow the rhythm out by playing one note at a time Get acquainted with some classical guitar technique  
Reggae Rhythm    
Learn what elements create a Reggae feel    
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