Classes On Clark 5219 N Clark St Andersonville Chicago
$20 Drop-On-In Guitar Classes Monday thru Thursday / Thursday Night is JAM Night! 7pm
2017 Series 3 Course Schedule
August 21 thru October 12 (8 week series)

Mondays @ Noon Pickin Flat & Fingerstyle

Tuesdays @ Noon
Basics & Easy Songs

Wednesdays @ 7pm Rhythm & Style

Thursday @ Noon
Colors & Shapes

Thursdays @ 7pm Songbook Jam
2017 Series 4 Course Schedule
October 30 thru December 21
(8 week series)

Mondays @ Noon
Colors & Shapes

Tuesdays @ Noon
Pickin Flat & Fingerstyle

Wednesdays @ 7pm
Basics & Easy Songs

Thursday @ Noon
Rhythm & Style

Thursdays @ 7pm
Songbook Jam
Course Details

Basics & Easy Songs
(90 min)
Where to go if you're just starting out or want to brush up on the essentials. We'll focus on anticipating and changing between chords A A7 Am C C7 D D7 E E7 Em G G7 while maintaining groove, fortifying muscle memory, learning the basics and generally taking it easy

Rhythm & Style (90 min)
Find out how to make your songs "sound like that". It's all about the strumming hand! Get comfortable with the most common time signatures 2/4 3/4 4/4 & 6/8, straight vs. swing rhythms, and the stylistic
tips that get the boo-tays shakin'

Colors & Shapes (90 min)
Forget about scales as (we think) we know them. This chord-based approach is not only refreshing to the overwhelmed student seeking a pattern in the matrix, it's the direct route to making music theory sound musical. Each class will improve your navigation of the fretboard, demystify those weird chords, and
help your solos sound more inspired than perspired

Pickin' Flat & Fingerstyle
(90 min)
Explore songs of the folk fingerstyle/flatpicking traditions defined by Chet, Lightnin', Doc, & others. We'll also learn how to make a flatpicking/fingerstyle arrangement of any song we like. Fun stuff!

Songbook Jam (90 min)
Play, sing, and collect songs from the eclectic house songbook while refining key skills and having a blast! No telling what we'll wind up playing on any given Thursday, but it'll help you be a better musician and maybe even put a smile on your face



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Series 4
Oct 30 - Dec 21

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