Private Lessons
Guitar 1

Guitar 1rep
and it stoned me
angel from montgomery
billie jean
bartenders blues
country roads
daddy sang bass
dead flowers
folsom prison blues
folsom prison solo
friend of the devil
friend of the devil (straight rhythm)
i'm going to hire a wino
joshua fit the battle of jericho
peaceful easy feeling
roll in my sweet babies arms
roll in my sweet baby's arms (key of G)
roll in my sweet babys arms (in A)
spanish pipedream

Guitar 2
dock of the bay
dock of the bay riff
red river valley (straight and swing strum 2)
here comes the rain again
joshua fit the battle of jericho
joshua fit the battle of jericho (boom-chuck)
me and bobby mcgee
me and bobby mcgee boom chuck/bass walk practice
me and bobby mcgee with boom chuck/bass walks

Guitar 2rep

Guitar 3

Guitar 3rep

Beyond Guitar 3
wish u were here
video of the solo
tablature of the solo

Guitar 4
Guitar 4ever
harvest moon joshua fit the battle of jericho joshua with solo last dj sweet home chicago walls (i'm being a spaz in the beginning but hang in there :) walls (in F with solo) walls solo you are not alone Nov 8 you are not alone Nov 15 you are not alone (key of C) harvest moon (with harmonics) you are not alone (capo 2 key of C, Dec. 6) You Are Not Alone (Key of C shapes, Capo 3 THIS IS THE GRADUATION ONE!! Rhythm Guitar hallelujah (different rhythms) backbeat chunk demo country roads (backbeat chunk) country roads (slow chunky swing) love in vain (slow chunky swing in E) love in vain (slow chunky swing in G) mercedes benz (backbeat chunk) dont think twice (Th 1 Th 2) dont think twice (B P Th 1 Th 2) dont think twice (P Th 1 Th 2 Th) youve got 2 hide (6/8, with awesome solo) youve got 2 hide (T 1 T 2) sympathy with sympathy strum! angel from montgomery love in vain (straight blues-rock shuffle) bad bad leroy brown (muted strums) amazing grace (straight 4/4 "johnny b goode" riff) folsom luther pickin give a little bit just what i needed not fade away southern cross Archive recordings 2016 Session 1 2015 Session 6 2015 Session 5 2015 Sessions 3&4 2015 Session 2 2015 Session 1 2014 Session 6 2014 Session 5